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Moving Head Spot with 120W LED
Professional version with Powercon compatible In / Out as well as Camloc quick release!This professional, top-moving, high-performance LED spot is equipped with an extremely bright LED of the latest generation and can also convince with its other technical data. It offers a very strong output with 127 watts LED and is also suitable for large stages. The "LED MH127S" has 8 dichroic colors + white, 7 rotatable gobos + open with switchable shake effect, strobe effect with 0 - 20Hz and an electronic dimmer working from 0 - 100%. Very professional features are the switchable, rotatable 3-facet prism and the motorized Focus. The "LED MH127S" can be controlled via 15 or 19 DMX channels. So you can easily pre-program your own shows via DMX. For simple applications, however, it can also be used in stand-alone mode or in music mode. For this, some great shows are inevitable. We recommend this moving head for both mobile and stationary applications alike.

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  • Product type: LED Moving Light
  •      Type: Moving Head
  •      LED number: 1
  •      LED type: 120W, white
  •      Gobo wheel: 7 rotating gobos + open
  •      Color wheel: 8 colors + open
  •      Gobo size: outer diameter (OD) 24 mm / inner diameter (ID) 17.75 mm
  •      DMX input: XLR 3-pole male
  •      DMX output: XLR 3-pole female
  •      DMX mode: 15 or 19 channels
  •      DMX functions: PAN, TILT, shutter, dimmer, gobo wheel, programs, color wheel, prism, focus
  •      PAN movement: 540 °
  •      TILT movement: 280 °
  •      High frequency stroboscope:> 20 Hz
  •      Standalone modes: Auto Run, Sound Control
  •      Controls: Menu, Up, Down, Enter
  •      Display elements: LCD display
  •      Power consumption: 170W
  •      Power connector: POWERCON compatible socket input and output
  •      Housing material: metal, ABS plastic
  •      Housing color: black
  •      Cooling: fan
  •      Illuminance: 22840 lux @ 2m
  •      Operating voltage: AC100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
  •      Dimensions: 330 x 320 x 455mm
  •      Weight: 10.5 kg