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Moving Head Beam with 120W LED
Professional version with PowerCon In / Out and Camloc quick release!
Beam moving heads with very narrow beam angle are becoming increasingly popular. No wonder - because the narrow cone of light is particularly visible even in light fog and very impressive! Paired with the latest LED technology and professional features, the "LED MH127B" is now an outstanding representative of this category from INVOLIGHT. It projects a narrow beam of only 3.5 degrees, which is generated by a 120 watt LED. The brightness and range is enormous! The color wheel offers 8 colors plus white as well as different split colors. Furthermore, the "LED MH127B" has a motorized focus and a frost filter. It has everything you need for an ultimate beam show. Thanks to the LED technology, the LED is dimmable from 0 - 100% and the stroboscopic effect does not require a mechanical shutter. The diode itself produces a strobe effect with up to 20 flashes per second. 8 static gobos with switchable shake effect are available and can be staged with the rotating 3-facet prism. The "LED MH127B" can be controlled via 15 or 19 DMX channels and has 8 and 16 bit resolution. For simpler applications, an automatic and a music-controlled mode is available. Of course, several units can also be linked via the master / slave mode. All settings are made conveniently on the color display and the total connection value is just 170 watts. Fast pan and tilt movements as well as the very low price make this new Beam Moving Head the top choice! The "LED MH127B" is ideally suited for combination with Involight "LED MH127S" Spot Moving Heads.

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  • Light source: 120W LED, white
  • Beam angle: 3.5 °
  • Color wheel: 8 colors + white, spilled colors,
  • Rainbow effect
  • Gobo wheel: 8 static gobos + white, rainbow effect, gobo shake
  • Effect wheel: 3-facet prism with adjustable
  • Rotation speed and direction
  • 15 or 19 DMX channels
  • Very high-quality color display for setting all functions as well as the DMX address
  • Strobe effect: Electric, 0-20Hz
  • Dimmer: electronic dimmer (0-100%)
  • Excellent, motorized focus
  • Frost filter
  • Pan: 540 °, 8/16 bit motion resolution
  • Tilt: 280 °, 8/16 bit motion resolution
  • AutoCorrect
  • Master / Slave mode for automatic mode and
  • music-controlled mode.
  • Camloc quick fasteners
  • Powercon Compatible In and Out
  • Power supply: AC 120V / 230V 60 / 50Hz
  • Total connected load: 170W
  • Net weight: 9.80 kg
  • Gross weight: 10,80kg
  • Dimensions: 330mm x 240mm x 360mm