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LED effect Flower, Wash, Grating-Laser , Strobe, IRC, DMX
"VENTUS" Club Series by INVOLIGHT. The Next Generation of Effect Lighting!

 "VENTUS" - this name stands for the brand new "Next-Generation" light effect series by INVOLIGHT! "VENTUS" devices are all characterized by the new "FX³-Technology". That means: One device - multiple effects! All devices of size "M" and above are supplied with an IR remote control as standard.
As top model of the series the "VENTUS XXL" is equipped with 4 effects in one device:
 1. Mutli-Flower effect: Over the 8 glass lenses an impressive, very room-filling 6x 3 Watt Flower is projected in the colors RGBWA + UV.
2. Wash effect: Eight 4-watt 4-in-1 RGB + UV LEDs are used for the colorful wash effect, creating ingenious color changes.
3. Strobe effect: 12x 1 watt SMD strobe LEDs provide a powerful matrix strobe effect in white.
4. Grating laser effect: The red / green laser generates 150mW of power (class 2M) hundreds of laser points, which move through the whole room.
The "VENTUS XXL" can be operated in automatic mode as well as in music-controlled mode with 7 different programs each. All programs can be adjusted in speed. Thanks to master / slave mode, several devices can work synchronously with each other. This creates particularly impressive light shows! Via 4 or 13 channels a flexible DMX programming is possible. With the included IR remote control, all operating modes can also be recalled and adjusted in many ways. Due to the 2M classification of the built-in laser no acceptance / approval is required. The device can therefore be used without hesitation by anyone and everywhere! Thanks to the IEC power input / output, several devices can be operated from one power outlet. A 4-digit LED display with 4-button operation ensures a very simple setting of all functions and the DMX address. The "VENTUS" series is high quality, very inexpensive and powerful. These devices are equally suitable for mobile and stationary applications and ensure maximum cost-effectiveness with their low purchase price and low power consumption.

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  1. Product type: LED / Grating laser beam effect
  2. Color spectrum Flower effect: RGBWA + UV
  3. LED Number of Flower Effect: 6
  4. LED type Flower effect: 3W
  5. Color spectrum wash effect: RGB + UV
  6. LED number of wash effect: 8
  7. LED Type Wash Effect: 4W 4-in-1
  8. Color spectrum strobe effect: white
  9. LED number of strobe effect: 12
  10. LED type strobe effect: 1W SMD
  11. Laser class according to EN 60825-1: 2M
  12. Color Spectrum Laser Effect: Red (650nm), Green (532nm)
  13. Diode type laser effect: green 50mW, red 100mW
  14. DMX input: 3-pin XLR male
  15. DMX output: 3-pin XLR female
  16. DMX mode: 4 or 13 channels
  17. DMX features: color change, stroboscope, laser grating effects, music control, auto programs, rotation
  18. Standalone features: auto programs, sound programs, master / slave operation
  19. Controls: Menu, Enter, Up, Down
  20. Display elements: 4-digit LED display
  21. Operating voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  22. Power consumption: 80W
  23. Power connection: IEC socket input and output
  24. Housing material: metal
  25. Housing color: black
  26. Dimensions: 355x340x280mm
  27. Weight: 4,8kg




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