EAN code: 4052809267753

Indoor LED Bar with 10 x 3 W CREE LEDs (2800K WW) in combination with 60 x 5050SMD-RGB-LEDs
The "LEDBARFX103" is a highly professional, incredibly versatile and powerful effect LED bar, which produces a very bright blinding effect by Sunstrip Art thanks to the 10x 3 Watt, warm white CREE LED's. In addition, the "LEDBARFX103" was equipped with transparent front covers. Behind it there are 60 RGB SMD LEDs for spectacular background lighting effects. The combination of both effect  allows magnificent light shows! Thanks to the control via ArtNet, each pixel can be individually controlled - even each individual color of each of the 60 SMD RGB LEDs! As you can see in the video below, the 30 built-in automatic programs in combination with the master / slave mode are already spectacular! These can also be set to music-controlled. In order to meet the professional requirements, both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX inputs / outputs are available. Power is supplied via PowerCon compatible inputs / outputs. An RJ45 Ethernet input and output for the network cable is also available for the ArtNet connection. The particularly sturdy and wide bracket allows to use as a floor bar as well as suspended mounting. The noble, sturdy, black metal case underlines the high-quality workmanship. With the "LEDBARFX103", the creative lighting designer can create absolutely unique photographs! Inexpensive and highly professional!



  • Product type: LED bar with 10 warm white LEDs + 60 ambient LEDs
  •      Color spectrum: RGB + Warm white
  •      LED number Warm white: 10
  •      LED Type: 3W CREE (2800K WW)
  •      Ambient LED number: 60
  •      Ambient LED Type: 5050SMD-RGB
  •      Beam angle: 4 °
  •      DMX input: XLR 5-pole male, XLR 3-pole male, RJ45 Ethernet In (ArtNET)
  •      DMX output: XLR 5-pole female, XLR 3-pole female, RJ45 Ethernet Out (ArtNET)
  •      DMX mode: 9, 15, 42 or 190 channels
  •      DMX Functions: Master Dimmer, Color Change, Music Control, Strobe, Pixel Control
  •      Standalone features: Auto programs, music control, strobe, color change, M / S operation
  •      Controls: Mode, Setup, Up, Down
  •      Display elements: LCD display 2x 16 characters
  •      Operating voltage: 110-240 VAC / 50 / 60Hz
  •      Power consumption: 90W
  •      Power connector: Powercon compatible socket input and output
  •      Housing material: metal
  •      Housing color: black
  •      Dimensions: 780x80x110mm
  •      Weight: 3.2kg



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