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DMX-512 controller, 16 devices each with up to 10 DMX channels controllable, USB.
The completely new line "COMMANDER" includes a large number of newly developed DMX controllers for a wide range of applications. The series offers controllers for e.g. LED spotlights, scanners, moving heads and other DMX-controllable devices. They were all designed with the latest know-how and innovative ideas and offer a correspondingly high level of user-friendliness. Particular attention was paid to a simple, easy-to-learn operation. All controllers are delivered with a detailed, clearly understandable user manual in German and English, so that the user can understand the console quickly and apply it professionally. The LEDControl was specially developed for controlling and programming LED headlamps. It can control 16 headlamps, each with up to 10 channels. In addition, 16 scenes and 16 chases can be programmed. Each chase can contain up to 200 scenes. The practical desktop console housing is very clearly designed and intuitive to use. Programmed scenes and chases can be recalled manually or can be executed automatically with adjustable speed, or music-controlled thanks to the built-in microphone. You can also set fade times for soft color overlays. The LEDControl has a special strobe button, including the associated speed control. At the press of a button, a strobe effect is projected at variable speed on each connected spotlight. This is enormously useful in practice. In addition, saved shows can be saved on a USB stick. So you can secure these and read in with each LEDControl.

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  •     16 devices each with up to 10 channels controllable
  •      5 DMX channel faders
  •      16 programmable scenes
  •      16 programmable chases with up to 200 scenes each.
  •      Chase playback manually, music or time controlled possible
  •      Blackout function.
  •      USB port for data storage of light shows
  •      LED display
  •      Crossfade between scenes from 0-30 s adjustable
  •      Music control via built-in microphone with adjustable sensitivity
  •      Power supply: DC 9 / 12V, 300mA min.
  •      Dimensions: 308 x 142 x 74mm
  •      Weight: 1.5kg


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